Chiropractors Adjust to Asset Tracking Using a Smartphone and QR Codes

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Chiropractic medicine is an alternative therapy and involves “hands on” approach to treating injuries and chronic conditions. Chiropractors use special maneuvers and vertebral manipulations to relieve pressure and pain on joints. Other than manipulations using hands, chiropractors use a wide range of equipment in their offices. Some of these include

  • Traction table
  • Heat therapy
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Anti-gravity devices
  • Cold lasers
  • Electric stimulation
  • Tuning fork

Chiropractor asset trackingKeeping track of equipment is a challenge!

A session with a chiropractor may involve a combination of two or more therapies. Handheld devices like a spine massage activator and quantum therapy device can be used to provide pain relief.

Any chiropractic practice involves the use of multiple specialized equipment besides the usual office stationery, computers, printers and so on.

Asset tracking for a busy chiropractor can be a challenge! Keeping track of the list of equipment, their location, the number of devices while attending to their patients can be a nightmare! The old methods of tracking inventory or asset tracking are cumbersome, involving a lot of label printing, manual bookkeeping or filling out excel sheets. Especially in smaller practices with relatively lesser staff, doing all of this manual asset tracking is impossible.

Not being able to replace lost or damaged equipment on time or not being able to find the right equipment when urgently needed can mean a loss of revenue. Lack of an efficient asset tracking system can lead to multiple phone calls to the equipment supplier or trips to the stores that are unnecessary!

Using GoCodes QR code reader on the smartphone

Chiropractors can easily and seamlessly manage asset tracking using our QR codes and their smartphones. The benefits of using a smartphone and our intelligent asset tracking system are:

Flexibility: Any staff can use the QR codes for asset tracking from anywhere in the chiropractic facility. Using our QR scanning app, the admin staff can just scan the codes to retrieve data on each asset.

Saves time and money: Without having to use multiple bar codes or labels, our asset tracking with QR codes streamlines the process. Time saved in the medical world is money earned! Since the only equipment needed to carry out asset tracking is a smartphone which every employee has, there is no need for huge investment to manage assets.

Replace damaged equipment: Just scanning the QR code on smartphone lets you view all the details of the equipment. Medical equipment need maintenance or re-calibration from time to time. Some equipment may need upgrades at specified schedules. All such data can be viewed easily using the smartphone, which means you can take care of all equipment without letting them get damaged or redundant.

Easy auditing: Audits are necessary for certifications and accreditation in any medical practice. Asset tracking using our QR codes can make the auditing process faster, hassle free, and more accurate.

Managing a chiropractic facility involves a lot of investment in terms of expensive equipment. Patient centricity and clinical practice excellence are at the core of any medical practice. Asset tracking using our QR codes can help you focus on the core of your business.

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