Best Way to Tackle Sports Equipment Management Using an App

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Track sports equipment using qr codes and an appManaging a successful sports team is about more than simply coaching and training. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, particularly when it comes to managing equipment. If you’re still using antiquated processes to keep track of your sports equipment, it’s time to consider moving into the digital age with a state-of-the-art system.

How It Works 

Sports teams require a lot of equipment to be successful. No matter what sport you’re involved in, players need access to uniforms and protective gear, shoes, and even practice equipment. While it’s possible to use a pen and paper or even a spreadsheet to keep track of your inventory, these methods are outdated and can result in lost assets along the way. When you make the switch to QR codes and an integrated app, you’ll have access to all the information you could ever need at your fingertips – and in real time.

Who Has What?

Each of your players needs his or her own uniform and protective gear to stay safe during sporting events. This gear can be expensive, and when pieces go missing, replacing them is frustrating. When you use QR codes on these pieces of gear, it’s easy to see which pieces of gear have been assigned to which player. If someone leaves something behind, you can scan it and find out who it belongs to in a matter of seconds. Along those same lines, you can also determine who didn’t turn their equipment in at the end of the event by scanning each piece of gear and then looking at a detailed report.

Incorporating GPS Tracking 

For many sports team owners and managers, it’s also worth their while to include GPS tracking with their QR codes. After all, competitive sports requires travel, and this can often mean leaving equipment behind. GPS tracking can be built right into QR codes, which allows you to open an app and see where your missing pieces of equipment have gone. Imagine the money you could save by being able to retrieve existing equipment rather than buying new gear when things go missing.

Accurate Inventory Year-Round

If, like most people, you take inventory at the end of the year, you probably know that it’s difficult to keep everything in check. Year-end inventory is tedious, and it often requires hours upon hours of time that would be better used elsewhere. Fortunately, when you use QR codes alongside a simple app, you can keep accurate inventory year-round. In fact, you can see what you have – and what you don’t – on-demand and in real time at any time you choose. Although it won’t replace the need for year-end manual inventory, it can certainly make it simpler and more effective by cutting the time required to complete counts in half.

Sports team owners, managers, and coaches certainly have their work cut out for them, so anything they can do to free up some time is important. QR codes and their associated apps can do that in a variety of ways. You can see who has what, you can make year-end inventory simpler, and you can even see where individual pieces of equipment are when you incorporate GPS tracking.

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