7 Energy-Saving Apps for Business Owners

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Global competitive prices for energy have been increasing over the last few years. This has taken a huge bite out of the pockets of small businesses. According to an Energy Consumption poll conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB):

  • Energy costs constitute one of the top three expenses for 35% of small businesses.
  • Operating vehicles consume the most energy in 38% of small companies.
  • One-third of small firms consider heating and/ or cooling as major energy expenses.
  • Operating equipment has the highest energy consumption in one-fifth of small businesses.

Small business owners depend on affordable energy prices to run company operations and management. Firms are now trying to cut back on energy costs, by adopting proactive measures such as investing in energy-efficient equipment and monitoring energy usage. With the introduction of smart energy innovations, technology is playing a crucial role in easing the financial burden of companies. Here are the top 7 energy-saving apps for small business owners:


Distinguished as the most comprehensive real-time electricity monitor on the planet by Popular Mechanics magazine, TED has an accuracy rate of +/- 1 percent. Also known as The Energy Detective, the device is first inserted into the building’s breaker panel. Once established, TED provides data readings over existing power lines which is processed in real-time. The app can be viewed over Android, iOS, PCs and Alexa.

energy saving apps for a greener world PowerPlug

Few are aware of the amount of energy an idle PC consumes. An idle PC uses 90 watts per hour. Compare that to a PC on standby mode, which consumes only 5 watts per hour. The 20 fold difference translates up to $40 to $60 in potential annual savings. Since the majority of workplaces have PCs, PowerPlug improves energy consumption by making PCs available during standby mode. Known as Wakeup Portal, this creative solution allows employees to remotely access PCs without running them at full capacity.


The app compiles data based on  energy usage during travel, which serves as a great tool for small businesses with operating vehicles. greenMeter analyzes the driver’s rate of acceleration, the vehicle’s battery power and RPM, fuel consumption and cost, crude oil usage, vehicle mileage, and carbon emissions. The app takes into account current weather conditions, average fuel cost in the area and vehicle information. The user also receives feedback on whether the driving is environmentally friendly. 

Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker records meter readings, and analyzes data related to electricity, water, gas and heat consumption. The app automatically generates a graph based on daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly readings, and creates a savings report summarizing company usage trends for up to three years. The app is available on iOS.

Solar Energy

For owners planning to leverage the resources of renewable energy for their businesses, Solar Energy is the one to look out for. Considered as the most comprehensive solar app on the market, Solar Energy provides unlimited access to extensive information on energy savings, net metering policies, tax credits, grid patterns, solar panel designs, and installation guides. 

Panoramic Power

Panoramic Power identifies where energy is wasted, a crucial tool for reducing company costs. It accesses individual circuit lines to provide real-time data on electrical energy usage. The app detects excess energy consumption, and reduces operational expenses across multiple sectors. The solutions are also tailored to the needs of different industries, such as restaurants, cafes, retail, and supermarkets. Panoramic Power is available on Android, iOS and PCs. 


Invented by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, MyEarth records energy consumption on a day-to-day basis. The app examines factors such as daily travel, electricity use, recycling, and food production. It also provides recommendations about energy conservation strategies, like substituting old appliances with energy-efficient ones. In order to illustrate energy savings, the app features a polar bear standing on an iceberg. The greater the energy conservation, the larger the polar bear becomes.

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