Plan Your Infrastructure Maintenance & Repair Tasks Using QR Codes

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More than four million miles of public roads crisscross the U.S. and more than three trillion miles were driven on these in 2016! More than six hundred thousand bridges made of steel, concrete and other materials support transportation across the country. While roads and bridges are the most visible components of a country’s infrastructure, the other components include power, water, airports, pipelines, mass transit, and solid waste to name a few.

plan infrastructure works using qr codesPreventive Maintenance Is Cheaper!

When it comes to infrastructure maintenance, prevention is cheaper than cures! Corrosion, wear and tear and weather can all damage roads, bridges and buildings that are keys to economic stability and growth of a nation. Poorly maintained roads can result in accidents and can also wear down cars. In fact, the average cost incurred by a car owner is $523 every year because of having to drive on roads that need repairs according to a Trip report! Corrosion of bridges can cost up to $13.6 billion every year according to an estimate.

Infrastructure is clearly a major focus area for governments and local authorities. Regular preventive maintenance ensures no lives are lost while also avoiding expensive rebuilding of roads, bridges or pipelines. Experts also believe that it is easier to allocate money for maintenance more efficiently than for funding new projects.

Maintenance and repair of huge infrastructure components require extensive manpower, time, physical visits to each location and exhaustive inventory tracking. Missed schedules and repair work can cost lives, jobs and money! It is important for managers and repair technicians to stay updated on all the tasks and schedules at any given moment. They need to be able to not only perform intelligent asset tracking but also ensure all preventive tasks are carried out at specified intervals.

The earlier system of manual data entries, handwritten notes or typing on a computer endlessly to enter a list of assets are not only impractical but also impossible given the complexity of infrastructure maintenance.

Why Choose GoCodes QR Codes?

GoCodes brings the best in terms of convenience and cost for all infrastructure maintenance related tasks with QR codes and cloud software. QR codes can store huge amounts of data including texts, images and messages. Workers need only their smartphones to start using GoCodes QR codes for asset tracking and task planning. Just download the free QR code scanning app and cloud software and you are all set to begin an efficient way to carry out asset tracking and inventory management.

Plan Your Tasks Better!

Tag each equipment or building with a QR code that is easily generated and printed from GoCodes site. Any worker can scan the QR code using the smartphone to enter relevant data, including the date of inspection, repairs carried out, parts replaced, next due date of inspection and pending tasks. Since all such data entered by each worker or manager can be stored in a centralized cloud based platform available with GoCodes, it is easy to consolidate them.

Plan ahead for preventive maintenance using real time data that is updated each time a task is carried out.

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