Why the new iPhone XR is the best new smartphone for business

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A lot of business executives and professionals across multiple industries prefer using an iPhone due its smart and intuitive interface and secure nature. Added to this, Apple provides the highest quality hardware in the most optimized fashion which results in zero lags and minimal breakdowns. These qualities makes Apple’s iPhone one of the perfect phones for those working various kinds of business enterprises.

For a long time iPhone 6S was considered to be the standard for business phones (even with the appearance of newer models such as 8 and X). Its functionality and build combined with its price made it the perfect phone for office goers. However with the unveiling of the new iPhone XR, it just makes more sense now to upgrade to the latest range of products released by Apple. The XR has managed to provide cutting-edge technologies at an affordable rate. With price ranges catering to multiple storage options, the iPhone XR has quality functionality at an affordable rate.

iPhone XR- best phone for Business

Today company executives are upgrading to the latest version of iPhones and for good reasons. The new iPhone is better in every respect than its predecessors and comes at a very competitive price. Updating from the old iPhone Xs has never been a better deal before. Some of the features of the new XR are mentioned below that makes it such an excellent choice for business phones.

  • Better processor- The A12 bionic processor lends its power to all the applications such as camera and user interface making this one of the most powerful and optimized smartphones on the market. The A12 is an advanced version of the previous chip and is more than a hundred times faster than its predecessor. Company employees can now afford a more powerful version at an affordable rate.
  • Has a lot of similar features of the high-end models- The new iPhone XR comes with a lot features that are only found on high-end models. It includes wireless charging, water resistant build, similar display to the iPhone XS (although not OLED), animated emojis, facial recognition, a better battery life than its previous models and dual SIM feature. It also includes the latest version of the Apple’s iOS12 operating system.
  • Absence of a headphone jack- This is probably one of the best features that makes it perfect for office use. By completely doing away with the headphone jack, iPhone XR users rely on wireless airbuds. There are no more wires around to get in the way during office activities, industrial processes or transportation. A simple design change has brought about a feature perfect for office use.
  • Optimized camera- For making the prices competitive Aplle dropped the dual cam for a f/1.8 lens but it has the same 12MP camera as the higher end iPhone XS and XS Max. This has reduced the price of XR and brought it in a range which is affordable by the majority of the business sector without diminishing the picture quality from the camera.

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