Using QR Codes to Turn Bus Shelters into Virtual Stores

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QR codes have turned into powerful digital marketing tools due to their easy-to-use nature and ease of application. QR codes not only provide a seamless connection between the customers and the companies but also turn locations and surfaces into marketing platforms. The ability of the QR codes to instantly connect the customers to any kind of online portal is of great advantage to businesses.

Since QR codes can store a variety of information including URLs, businesses often stick QR codes on public spaces such as windows and billboards in order to direct consumers to their web pages or social media channels. QR codes have the ability to bring the business outside the retail stores and into the various pockets of public spaces such as bus stops, restaurants, taxis and buses, lampposts and other structures. This has made QR Codes one of the most popular digital marketing tools across every industry.

qr codes and bus shelter Converting bus shelters into online shops

Bus shelters contain ample supporting structures which provide a lot of printable areas. Bus shelters are typically flooded with ad banners, posters and other kinds of notice. The main problem with these channels is that they are limited in every way imaginable. They are limited by the area of the bus shelter, the format of the paper does not provide any kind of interaction, and simple written messages are no longer attention-grabbing.

However, using QR codes overcomes all of these hurdles. These codes do not require much space to be printed. Once scanned by the customer, they can be connected to a website which can potentially have limitless varieties of attractive content. One of the most ingenious applications of QR codes has been done by Walmart and Proctor and Gamble. They have turned almost all the bus shelters in Toronto into their digital retail stores. QR codes, authenticated by Proctor and Gamble were attached at the various bus stops. Once the travelers scanned the QR code using their smartphones, they were redirected to the Walmart online shopping portal. Customers could then order their groceries and other necessities right from the bus stop while waiting for the bus. Those who ordered using this QR were even given special discounts. Since bus shelters witness one of the heaviest footfalls, needless to say, the brand visibility of both these companies increased significantly. Added to this, they were able to provide a better and more direct service to their customers by identifying the opportunities provided by the bus shelters.

This is one of the many ways in which QR codes can be used innovatively to provide a wide range of services and features. QR marketing can literally take a marketing campaign anywhere. No location is inaccessible or too remote for a simple QR sticker. By tapping into the ease of utility of QR stickers, most companies are adopting them to connect better with consumers. Apart from bus shelters, even train stations and airports have started using codes for simplifying their processes.

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