Tracking and Managing Industrial Equipment on Your Smartphone

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Theft of industrial or construction site equipment is a growing concern. Heavy equipment theft is, in fact, a thriving crime given the value and huge windows of opportunity at sprawling industrial locations or construction sites.

In the United States, the total value of industrial equipment stolen or missing is estimated to be between $300 million and $1 billion. Accurate estimates are difficult to obtain given lack of data, but any number in this range is enough to harm the bottom lines of the business seriously!

The thefts happen at such a large scale because the industrial equipment is relatively easy to not only steal but to get rid of in the black market. Being of high value, such equipment can generate a huge profit margin for the criminals.

According to the law enforcement agencies, only 10 percent of the equipment stolen is returned to the business owner.

Prevent equipment theft with regular inventory tracking

Some of the measures businesses can take to prevent such costly thefts include securing the perimeter or equipment yard with a barbed fence or wire, hiring more security personnel, lighting up the whole area and using better locking system.

While these can help, the most important aspect is to track the inventory at all times. Placing a staff member on site at all times may be difficult to impossible but thanks to intelligent asset tracking systems, all you may need is a smartphone.

GoCodes brings you an easy way to track your industry assets on a 24 x 7 basis.

Track your industry equipment with GoCodes

GoCodes is invested in bringing cost-effective and smart asset tracking solutions for industries and other businesses. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to generate any number of unique QR codes. The QR codes help provide distinct identity number to all of your industrial equipment and smaller components. Just download the free QR scanning app on your smartphone to begin tracking your equipment.

The unique cloud platform makes it easy to store any volume of data which means you never have to worry about missed components or equipment.

To start building your comprehensive inventory, just a wave of the hand with the smartphone is enough! Any of your staff on site can begin to add details of the equipment by scanning the QR code with the scanning app on their phone.

You can now update, review or enter details of each component including details of maintenance alerts, repairs or replacement carried out and on who handled the component at any given time.

Optimum ROI with GoCodes 

The in-built GPS functionality means that inventory tracking of your industrial equipment can be “on-the-go.” Wherever you are across the world, just logging in to your smartphone is all it takes to view updated details of equipment.

Our asset tracking system brings you optimum return on investment as it lets you maximize the performance of equipment with regular maintenance and review of idle time of machinery.

With GoCodes’ smart asset tracking solutions, you get real-time information on whether the equipment is being moved, operation hours, idle time, unauthorized use or theft. All of this translate to the best return on your investment!

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