Start 2017 Off Right by Labeling Your Tools with QR Codes

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QR codes make excellent asset tags for your tools and equipment for a variety of reasons. They offer the ability to store more information than a traditional barcode, and because most smartphones can read those codes, it’s cheaper than purchasing or even renting barcode readers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider labeling your tools with QR codes this year.

Replace Fewer Assets

Many businesses across dozens of industries rely on tools to provide products and services to consumers. Oftentimes, these tools are a major investment, whether you choose to buy them or rent them. As such, keeping track of your tools is vital to your company’s success, and while it’s possible to simply keep a list of who has which tool, QR codes make it easier and more convenient. In fact, you can even add GPS tracking to your QR labels so you can see where your tools are at any time.

Partially Automate Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your tools and equipment in their proper working order. QR codes allow you to store far more information than a traditional barcode, so applying these to your assets is always a fantastic idea. When you scan your tool, you can easily see things like the purchase date, the last time it was serviced, and even which employee is currently using that tool. When you use QR codes in conjunction with the proper software, you can even partially automate maintenance. When it’s time for a tool to be maintained, the software can alert you.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Keeping your company and all its tools and equipment insured is important to protecting your business both now and in the future. When you use QR codes to track your assets, it may be possible to reduce your insurance costs. After all, QR codes with GPS tracking can help mitigate the risk of theft and loss, which could prompt your insurance provider to reduce your premium costs. The less they must replace, the less you are considered a risk, and the more you can save in the long run.

Hold Employees Accountable 

Checking tools in and out each day can be a hassle, especially if you use antiquated methods like spreadsheets or written lists. What’s more, it’s easy for employees to forget to check certain items out, and if they’re lost, you have no idea where they are. QR codes with GPS tracking make it easier for you to hold your employees accountable for failing to check tools out or return them at the end of the day. If something goes missing, you can find out where it is and who was in possession of it last.

When you choose to use QR codes to track your tools, you’re doing yourself a favor in many ways. Not only are you saving yourself money when it comes to tool and equipment replacement, and perhaps even your insurance premiums, but you’re also increasing your company’s efficiency and productivity. After all, without the right tools, it’s hard to provide the best possible service.

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