Remote Data Logging & Capture Using a Smartphone

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Each day, the number of smartphone users increases. In fact, according to Pew Research, two-thirds of Americans currently own a smartphone and approximately 19% of them rely on these devices to access online services and information. As smartphone use increases, the way people shop, find information and even live is being transformed.

The Transformation of Lives Due to Smartphone Technology

There are a number of ways smartphone technology has impacted the lives of people. No longer do people have to memorize phone numbers because there is a phonebook in their pocket. No longer do they have to ask for directions when driving because smartphones provide a GPS app and maps. People are also able to remain connected to text, video chat, email, and social media 24/7 thanks to smartphone use.

However, this only scratches the surface of the true power and capability of modern smartphone devices. Thanks to modern innovation, modern smartphones are capable of more than ever before.

Providing Remote Measurement and Control

With more people adopting smartphones as a part of their daily life, wireless carriers are working to build an infrastructure that provides Internet access to these devices from virtually any location. Not only does this provide users with information such as news, sports scores, and email, it also provides the ability for researchers, engineers and others to measure data from any location.

The smartphone provides a human-machine interface, or HMI, for remote viewing and control of systems. Users can easily monitor trends and data, view historical data for a certain period of time, receive alarms or warnings based on current measurements and remotely control an application.

Portable Measurements

Due to their superior network connectivity, modern smartphones are the ideal tool for remotely viewing various measurements; however, their processing power and small size also make them effective for tracking and logging portable measurements. While there are a number of options specifically designed for measurement tasks, such as portable data loggers and handheld meters with integrated displays, these usually have a single, fixed functionality, pre-defined by the vendor. Smartphones provide a much more flexible solution. This versatility makes it possible to measure and log information from anywhere and for anything.

Benefits of Remote Data Logging and Capture with a Smartphone

Utilizing the power and ability of the smartphone for the logging and capturing of data offers the following benefits:

** Security and accessibility

** Speed and ease of use

** Correctness and accuracy of data

** Quality of data (comprehensiveness and freshness)

Transforming a Smartphone into a Data Logging and Capturing Device

If you are ready to harness the power offered by modern smartphones in regard to logging and capturing data, you will need to find the appropriate app. There are thousands available, offering specialty features for the measurement needs you have. In many industries, businesses and companies create a specialty app that can be used for this measurement purpose.

Smartphones are powerful devices. They are used by millions of people every day for multiple purposes. Now, thanks to innovative technology and powerful devices, smartphones can become an effective and vital tool in regard to measuring, logging and capturing data from various sources.

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