Learn about FREE Physical Asset Management Software from GoCodes

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Learn about FREE Physical Asset Management Software from GoCodes

When GoCodes’ launched the world’s first, patent-pending QR code physical asset management solution many did not think it was possible.  To top it all, the software’s free and there are no costly scanners or hardware to purchase.  

So you can be up and running in minutes for as little as $99 for 100 (1.5 x .75 inch) GoCode QR code asset tags. Amazing!

Competitor’s Entry Level Asset Management Tools Cost Over $3,000 to Start

Competitors’ products often cost thousands of dollars to start, are complex to purchase and set-up and require long-term contracts for maintenance and support.  Not GoCodes.

We often hear from customers that these competitor products are very difficult to use and seem like they are designed by technology professionals for technology professionals.  Not GoCodes, our software is based on our consumer lost and found platform so it’s extremely easy to use with no training or special skills.

GoCodes Physical Asset Management Solution is a Great Fit for Small and Medium Size Organizations

Customers come to us from all over the world, from diverse organizations looking for help with their fixed asset tag challenges; here are some of the areas where we have helped other customers:

  • Traveling entertainment companies that need to manage their assets as there frequently moved from venue to venue where they could be easily misplaced or stolen. 

  • Healthcare providers and professional medical offices where costly, complex medical equipment must be managed and maintained to protect patients and doctors from costly mistakes. 

  • Charities and non-profit organizations that need to protect and manage their equipment and assets but cannot afford to purchase a traditional enterprise asset management solution 

These are just a few examples of where we have helped customers solve their asset tag and management challenges by providing our unique, fully integrated solution that encompasses everything you need, can be implemented in minutes and starts from only $99.

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