How Building Mechanical Contractors Keep Their Cool (and Their Tools) with Asset Tracking

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As a building mechanical contractor, you already know that people depend on the services you provide to enjoy energy-efficient homes, offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, and more. Your tools allow you to do your job, so without them, people don’t get the things they need. Fortunately, asset tracking is a great way to help you keep your cool – and your tools – saving you plenty of money and frustration along the way.

commercial hvacTool Management Made Simpler 

Have you ever wondered what happened to your drill? Have you left a laptop loaded with expensive software on a jobsite somewhere, only to find it missing once you return? If you can answer yes to these or similar questions, then you already understand one of the major benefits of asset tracking for a building mechanical contractor. Being able to put GPS tracking labels on your expensive tools lets you know where they are, in real time, and at any time you’d like. If you end up back at home without your laptop in tow, it’s easy to find out just where it is.

Maintenance Logs

Another thing to consider when it comes to many of the expensive tools and assets that many building mechanical contractors have in their possession is regular maintenance. After all, if certain things aren’t well maintained and kept up to date, they may not be within OSHA regulations and other similar guidelines. They also may be dangerous to use, or at the very least, not as effective as they should be. Adding barcodes or QR codes to your equipment and tools allows you to scan them with your smartphone to pull up a maintenance log. Here, you can find out whether a particular piece of equipment has been properly maintained, and you can even set reminders that will tell you when it’s time to get it done.

Theft Deterrence

Leaving your tools and equipment at a jobsite overnight can certainly make you feel anything but trustworthy. There’s no one around to watch, so it’s simple for someone to just walk off with your tools – or even drive away with your equipment. Asset tracking with built-in GPS positioning will allow you to monitor where everything is at any time. If something turns up missing, filing a police report is a piece of cake, and the odds that your equipment will be returned to you just as you left it are much, much better.

A Job Well Done

In the end, you can’t do your job without your tools and equipment. If you don’t have them, or if they break down due to lack of maintenance, it makes for a really bad day for both you and your clients. That’s why asset tracking is so very important. It allows you to make sure you have your tools right where you need them – on the jobsite – and that they will perform at their best.

Keeping your cool as a building mechanical contractor is much, much simpler when you know everything about your equipment and tools at all times. That’s exactly what asset tracking can do for you. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, you can keep watch over your assets.

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