Easily Track the Locations of Your Portable Bathrooms, Restrooms, and Conveniences

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Portable bathrooms date back to World War II! Once used on ships, portable bathrooms have now evolved and cater to wide-ranging requirements.

Earlier constructed only from metal and wood that were heavy, now these portable bathrooms come in lightweight materials and plenty of customization. Now portable bathrooms are designed to fit into trailers that can easily transport them between locations. Whether for a construction company, miners, gas line layers or for events like weddings, outdoor parties or picnics, portable bathrooms offer the much needed convenience.

Luxurious restrooms have a host of amenities including full length mirrors, decors lighting, air conditioning and all other elite restroom features and conveniences.

portable restroom tracking using qr codes Why asset tracking is a must for portable bathroom business

With so many components that go into portable bathrooms, it may be challenging to keep track of each of the physical assets when they are being moved between locations. It is very easy to lose track of some of the assets when there is only a manual inventory. People in charge of maintaining an inventory may miss out on logging in details of which unit was moved to which location, what components were missing or if any damage occurred to any of the portable units.

Meeting environmental regulations, intense market competition that can lead to lowering of rental rates are some of the challenges that portable bathroom business faces. These factors mean that having a strict control on operating costs and capital investment is absolutely critical.

Also when the focus is on making the arrangements, it is all too easy to miss out on verifying if all components are intact in every portable bathroom or restroom.

Asset tracking solutions from GoCodes make it easy and convenient to track and manage all assets across locations.

GoCodes intelligent asset tracking solutions

The GoCodes platform enables generation of endless number of unique QR codes. Creating as many fields of data as required for the business is also convenient. The free QR scanning app that can be downloaded from the GoCodes website makes expensive barcode scanners and other equipment redundant. The app is compatible with any Android or iOS smartphone!

After tagging each of the portable bathroom and individual assets with a unique QR code, a wave of the smartphone lets any employee log in details of assets.

GoCodes asset tracking solutions are ideal when having to move the portable bathrooms to harsh environmental conditions on remote locations. Thanks to the GPS enabled smartphones, remote monitoring of each equipment is possible!

Optimize use of time and money

You can get real time information on where each portable bathroom or restroom is located at any time by checking on the smartphone. Any time an employee scans the QR code to update, edit, add details on movement of equipment, these details get logged in on the app. With the benefits of cloud software, there is no need to worry about storage space for extensive amount of data related to multiple units.

Time is always money when you need to manage the operating costs of portable bathroom business. GoCodes makes it possible to carry out very low cost inventory management that is instant, quick and accurate every time!

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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